Xbox is the worst distraction in the world. I am working on my collection of short stories The Nature of Pathetic and just can’t seem to get back in the swing of writing today. Ugh it’s one of those fucking days. Whatever, I just need to do some pushups or some fucking shit.

This just isn’t working. I keep trying to write an it’s not working at all. Ugh, at least my characters are fucking hysterical.

They are all over the place. They all think their problems are the worst disasters in the world. But in realty they are just totally ineffective. Fuck those fucker.

I am actually writing about characters I hate. I fucking hate these fuckers and they are having terrible fucking stories to live out. They fucking suck.

Haha fuck fuck fuck fuck.

What are we doing?

Stop it.

Okay, time to fucking actually focus.

Fuck this sucks.


Okay I am working on it. But fuck this is tough. Okay time to focus. Time to fucking focus. I really need to fucking focus.

-Fuck it.


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