I am just so tired today. I don’t know why. But it has been a struggle to keep my eyes open. I am currently working on my collection of short stories The Nature of Pathetic. It’s going alright. I mean about as alright as you would expect. The character are fucking hilarious so I can’t complain too much about that. They are all such losers, doing such loser things. It’s kinda like squishing an insect and then feeling that urge to lift up the napkin just o see the blood and guts even though you know it’s gnna gross you out. That’s pretty much what this collection of short stories. is. Thankfully it is giving me a chance to further perfect my story telling skills and talents.

I don’t mean to fucking brag but I have a unique fucking voice and people will fucking enjoy reading my fucking books. Fucking fucking fucking fucking. Yeah that’s some Lemony Snickett shit there. Except instead of saying very for a whole fucking page I fit the F word in a sentence four times. You tell me what’s more impressive. Only kidding. Lemony Snicket is a boss! I fucking worship his career and fucking need that shit to happen to me.

There are a few speed writers out there who I have nothing but respect for. I am trying to reach your ranks, but until that time I will just focus on writing a bit every day. That at least puts me right in the meat of writers. I’m still doing more than those nobodies who only fucking talk about writing.

Fuck I hate those fuckers. The kids who go to every college workshop with the same fucking story they wrote four fucking years ago. And everyone is always like, this shit is CRAY you need to publish it right away. Yeah no shit you can’t find a fucking flaw in it. I remember workshopping it when it was supposedly a rough fucking draft.

Fuck those fucking clowns. Those fuckwad nincapoops- yeah I fucking misspelled that fucking word but whatever, it’s my blog and I can type however the fuck I want. Honestly it doesn’t fucking matter if anyone fucking reads this shit. I’ll keep blogging. It’s a fun fucking way to spend the day. And it is a nice active break from writing because I just get to word vomit on a fucking blank sheet and publish it. Talk about immediate fucking gratification. I have no fucking complaints. Nuh uh. Not one.

I do wish I could finish this fucking collection of short stories faster. I want to fucking publish it already. I want to get my fucking name out there. For a number of reasons. Yeah gratitude is one, but another is just the fucking irony of getting everyone to know the name IDK when it fucking stands for “I don’t know.” I mean that’s fucking funny to me.

Fuck I am tired. The story I am working on right now is fucking funny. I think the collection is going to be short. Only 5 or 6 fucking stories. All linking together with one another. It’s fucking boss! I fucking love referencing other stories throughout the whole fucking thing. I want to reference the stories in my novels. Have my characters hear about the crazy, pathetic losers from this collection. “Oh did you hear about that fucking loser who was hit by a cab? Damn, I tried to feel sorry for him, but he was a bigot and a crook.”

As soon as these books take off too I really want to be fucking ironic and right the most crazy super natural and maybe gory shit I can and then donate proceeds to charities. Ha call me the IDK the Considerate Douche! Sort of a Hunter Moore vibe except I would be publishing fiction from my own imagination so it’d probably offend fewer people. That is an interesting cult. Does anyone here still follow him? He is an interesting guy. Tough to get a hold on. He might be the prime example of purgatory bound. I mean he isn’t afraid to fuck people up and he isn’t afraid to ruin someone who comes after him. But he also deals with a lot of assholes. And instead of hoarding all that money he donates that shit to charity. I think. I’m not entirely sure. Please do not quote me on Hunter Moore or the family.

Anyway, it is probably time to get back to working on this fucking collection. I need to tie some more fucking pathetic characters together in this dim universe they live in. I imagine it almost completely grey. Like these characters are too emo for color but can’t fucking afford black.

Anyway, as always this is IDK and just fucking do your chores already.

-Fuck it.


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