I have nothing but respect for rappers. Honestly I have nothing but respect for musicians. If I were more fucking handsome and talented at entertaining others I would want to be a musician. More immediate gratification and influence than writing and you have so much freedom. I mean talented lyricists are real wordsmiths. I think the second coming of Shakespeare is going to be a rapper. He created thousands of words in the english language. What other medium today relies on vocabulary more than hip hop?

Rappers are put into one category by the casual observer and it’s kind of sad. Because it is viewed as being a low ind of music. It’s almost like slumming it. But the Beatniks were considered slums in their time and now only the most pretentious spend their time reading Naked Lunch, Junkie, or HOWL. So in a hundred years I think the most pretentious and arrogant college professors will be bumping Nas.

Kendrick recently said he is the closest to a preacher his fans have. While some brushed that off as arrogance, it is an interesting point. He is a leader. Whether you like his music or not he has more influence than most of those who would oppose him. He could sell anal lube to a nun at this point. When his mouth opens to speak a large population falls silent.

These are facts. We have a generation, my generation, that has a large population being influenced by rap. This is not a bad thing. It is a new thing, but it is not bad. All it means is that instead of judging it, educate yourself to it. Being ignorant to trends only slows down progress it doesn’t destroy it. Don’t be a speed bump in the future.

The future of this century is hip hop. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a president in the next 20 years who once tried being a rapper. We had Reagan move to the White House from Hollywood. Study the art. Learn from it. And admire the future of our language.

-Fuck it


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