For those of you who know me, which is probably very few since I go by the name IDK, which is a fucking acronym for “I don’t know,” I was born and raised in the City. And since this is the United States of America, I assume everyone knows that when I say the City I am referring to New York. Yes the glorious mecca of entertainment. We got two of every fucking sport here because the sports gods love us. But I gotta give props where props are due. I may be a Giants fan, but this Buffalo Bills site, Buffalo Bruises, knows how to talk to a sports fan. There is no messing around and the writers aren’t a bunch of phony fucking bloggers wearing fake glasses and trying to land a sports center job. This is a real site run by real fans who put their teams above all else.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 9.32.34 PMProfessional looking home page. I am a fan. I also will never cry about seeing a Brady parody.

I recently got turned on to Buffalo Bruises because a writer I follow on twitter follows them and I gotta say I wish they were writing for my team. It’s nothing but entertainment when you read through their articles. Haha I love how they include a narrative of what they’re actually doing while they write: “So I was hungry and chowing down on this sub.” Chomp on brotha!

Scrolling through the site it’s easy to see that this group of writers have found what they are good at and are expanding upon it. They are not trying to build up their resumes. Most of the material is both entertaining and relevant to sports fans and they are not afraid to call people out.

This leads me to my next point. This site has made me feel better about my life cause I was gonna probably chug a half a bottle of whiskey and marathon The Office on Netflix for the 28th time. But they offered me the best reality drama yet! I’m talking almost to the level of TMZ.

They are currently in a bit of beef with another Buffalo fan site the Bills Fanatics. Now, I am reading a very biased portion of the argument but Kriger does seem to include the entire conversation in his posts, which leads me to believe that bias aside he is winning this social media war because he has less to hide. Also, a follower of the Buffalo Bruises audited the two Buffalo fan accounts and revealed the Bruises more than double the percentage of the fanatics in real followers. Anyway, watching these two sites go back and forth has been very entertaining thus far tonight and I have to give the edge to the Bruises at this point.

They have a professional looking website with a real following. They just seem to be a group of genuine guys not worried about hiding who they are and offering a source of entertainment and news to their niche. I will be a regular visitor to that site. The link can be found in the first paragraph as well as right here: http://www.buffalobruises.com

-Fuck it.


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