It’s funny how we have to set aside time to write. Is it that much of a struggle? And if so, why do people call writing their passion if it is such a struggle? Are they just masochists? What’s the point in obsessing about writing but never actually doing it? We all have those friends. The ones who call themselves writers but only have one idea they’ve been dying to finish. The work they started in high school and haven’t looked at since.

Time to work. It’s misleading as fuck. Isn’t it always time to work? If you are spending time not writing isn’t that messing up any chance you have of making it? I sometimes get fucking annoyed when I have to listen to authors complain about their fucking workload. If you’re doing what you fucking love then it isn’t fucking work. It’s fucking love.

Enjoy you’re fucking time or do something else for a fucking living you mother fuckers. It’s as simple as that. And if you want to spend your time doing something you don’t love at least get a job making the world a better place. The glamor in writing is reserved for the lucky and the talented and the less effort you put in the less chance you have of being either. Luck rarely strikes a standing target and like lightning it won’t strike the same place twice. Find your own fucking way you lazy fucks.

Time is ticking. Can you fucking believe we are almost half way through 2015? I still fucking remember new years and the fucking super bowl. It is precious and something you can’t get back. The time I spent writing this fucking post is time I won’t get back but at least I’m doing something I love (writing). And so what, this post won’t make me famous. It was a fun way to spend time and it filtered out some of my bull shit thoughts and ideas before I get back to writing my novels and my collection of short fucking stories.

By the way, my collection of short stories The Nature of Pathetic is fucking hysterical. I am loving every story I fucking write in it!

Anyway, if you fucking love writing do it more and stop looking at it as a fucking chore. Stop being a fucking dick and don’t call yourself a fucking writer if you don’t fucking write.

-Fuck it.


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