Let’s be honest, we all fucking thought about it. It’s fresh in my mind because one of the characters in my collection of short stories is thinking about what kind of superhero he would be. But if it were to happen to me in real life, I’m not sure I would make the best fucking hero. I always liked those badasses who everyone could relate to because they sort of act like how the average person with superpowers would behave. The superheroes with a super loose code of conduct and flexible morales. Don’t get me wrong I like to think I have strong moral fiber and unwavering integrity, but fuck if I had superpowers I might try out for an NBA team and sign a shit ton of endorsements. I would donate that fucking money to a ton of charities but would I risk my body to save the world? I don’t think so.

Maybe that’s a robin hood complex? Steal from the rich and give to the poor. But rather than commit a heist I would sign legal contracts giving me money without revealing the fact that I have an unfair advantage. Ha, I just described an athlete on steroids, but the difference is I would be a philanthropic force to be reckoned with.

I have nothing but respect for actual philanthropists. They’re the real fucking heroes who are making the world a better fucking place. How great would the world be if everyone aspired to reach the point of that wealth? If instead of romanticizing a display of wealth we made our icons the billionaires donating billions of dollars to make the world a better place. The ones who signed an agreement to donate half their fucking wealth to help those in need.

What a world that would be. Fuck, I hate so many college activists who seem to have gotten into activism for the glory. I’m not saying I hate activists at all. Fuck, I’ve been in my fair share of fucking protests, but the ones who are obviously their to stroke their own fucking ego. The ones who want their face posted next to the cause they’re fighting to make it seem like they’re just as important as the fight against poverty. Yeah that’s what I want to fucking believe. That this mother fucker is the counter balance in the universe to poverty. And without him the world would fall off course and we would enter eternal darkness because the sun could no longer reach us. Get the fuck out of here man.

That isn’t what being a hero is about. Fuck, ego gets in the way of so many things. And it’s so fucking arbitrary. It’s like strip down the human developments and what’re you left with? You can’t eat money, and our influence only affects our reach in areas we allow it. The internet is important for finding problems that we created.

I’m not against the world we live in, I just question a lot. And I think that’s healthy. How can you have progress without compromise? If you don’t have the left and right fighting each other you would never move forward. You would only move in a circle, rotating in the direction of the dominating party.

Just fuck it. Be a better person. Ben Franklin made it that simple (though he had his fair share of fucking problems). When you wake up in the morning ask what you’re doing to make the world a better place. Every decision you make is a choice and think about it before you decide on your actions. Are you being a good person? Are you helping others? If you aren’t that’s fine. I know being selfish is important sometimes, but hold yourself accountable and don’t just come up with a fucking excuse.

-Fuck it.


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