Holy fucking shit you lazy writers drive me crazy. Stop complaining about how it’s taken you so long to finish your fucking novel and write it already. The longer you wait the harder it’s going to be. That mountain top ain’t getting any closer. I’ve been reading a lot of writing advice online lately and some of it differs. I’ve seen some people recommend daily goals, others recommending weekly. There is the NaNoWrMo contest and then some people even say it doesn’t matter how much you write as long as you do it every day.

I am one for structure because I think it holds you more accountable so this post is going to deal mostly with fucking goals. So I am currently working on three major works. Two novels and a collection of short stories. I started last week and guess what, I am making some major fucking progress. There is a secret as to why. Do you want to know? Do you really? Come in close I’ll tell you… I fucking write every day. But in all seriousness there is a secret to how I am getting so much done that I think I want to share with you fuckwads so listen up.

Instead of focusing on getting one project done as quickly as possible, I set a daily goal of around 1,000 words per project. So yes my daily goal is 3000 words but it’s not nearly as difficult as it fucking sounds (especially when you swear like me and at least 300 words come from cussing).

What working on multiple projects does (aside from stroking your ego) is it keeps your mind busy. You never run stagnant and you never dry up the inkwell on one story. I am able to stop working on my novels when there is still more to say so that it is easier to start tomorrow. I do this with all three projects so I am constantly thinking, constantly keeping a dynamic stream of thought, and I always have something consistent to come back to the next day.

It’s important to keep busy. Stay in an aggressive writing routine because if you keep talking about writing but never get around to it, guess what? You’re not a fucking author. Authors write bodies of work. Bullshitters talk about it. Which are you going to be? And don’t give yourself a fucking excuse you deserve better. If you can’t put in the commitment to being a fucking author than do yourself a favor and make more money doing something else. You’ll be happier and can still write for a hobby. But don’t torment yourself with dreams that success in one of the most competitive fields is going to fall on your lap.

I mean for fucks sake, writing is so competitive that there are more people writing books than reading them. How fucking crazy is that? You have people calling themselves authors but their only literature comes from movies! Nothing against movies, I love them. But if you don’t read books, you probably shouldn’t be writing them.

In fact, let me keep this rant going. Fuck that, I should end it. Let me end it with this, if you want to be a writer but you don’t read books look into writing scripts. Write what you know.

Anyway, keep your fucking mind busy. Don’t be a lazy piece of shit to you’ll write like a lazy piece of shit. The chances of you writing something brilliant are not likely if you can’t finish the fucking book. So fucking do it. I want to reach 600 words so I added this last sentence.

-Fuck it.


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