Yeah I fucking quoted that Mad Max line because it’s fucking awesome. Why is it so difficult for some people to understand the fucking concept of doing what you like to do. Now apply that to writing. It is a lovely day for you to write what you fucking want. There is nothing wrong with emulating your heroes but don’t copy someone for the fuck of copying them. What’s the point? Truth be told you’re going to have to put a lot of effort into whatever you write so you might as well write about something you’ll have fun creating. First drafts, no matter who you copy, are absolute shit. They take a lot of work and even then they will probably fucking suck for a while.

I just get so tired talking to these wannabes (not saying I’ve made it) who think they found the key to success. Newsflash motherfuckers, we all know what that key is. Work hard and get lucky. But since you can work hard in any field, you really just need to hope that luck finds you. Right? Right?

My point is, writing mystery and suspense doesn’t make you a better writer than a poet. Writing fiction doesn’t make you better than children’s lit. And writing romance doesn’t make you better than someone writing fan fiction. This judgmental bullshit trying to tell us what’s right ant what’s wrong is just that: Bullshit.

50 Shades of Grey started off as a fan fiction. As long as you work hard and stay true to what your passion truly is then I do not think it is that far of a stretch for you, as a writer, to find some success in this industry. There is always a niche. As long as the internet exists your niche can always be explored.

Moral of the story, instead of getting caught up in other people’s fucking work, worry about your own shit.

-Fuck it


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