I don’t need your approval for this weird gem. If you can’t understand what I am trying todo then I don’t need you supporting my work anyway. This is a weird fucking book, and if you don’t have any patience for novels that refuse to obey the basic narrative structure than you don’t deserve to read my work.

I don’t write stories. I create a character and offer their world to my readers. Fully immerse yourself in the strange and the bizarre. This book, one of the two novels I am currently working on, follows a rather shy protagonist who loves to kill people. Murder is his favorite recreational activity. He doesn’t know what he is doing is wrong. He just knows he likes it.

If you think there is a way to enter this character’s mind through rational thought, you are mistaken. This book will take you off the fucking walls, but if you can keep up, it will take you for one hell of a ride. You will experience something you have never dreamed of before.

Follow the strange mind of an ever changing protagonist in the most dynamically static, fictional world.


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