When you start writing for the public, sharing your shit all over the web hoping to find some fandom, there will always be an opposing force. No matter how talented you are, you could be Dylan fucking Thomas, and still find a collection of people who will relentlessly hate your work. The funny thing is a lot of people will find something other than your writing to hate in order to bring you down. They might go after your picture, or your bio- claiming you brag too much or say too little. They might go after your titles calling you goofy, pretentious, lazy. No matter what you do, this faceless group of dumb motherfuckers will find the laziest way to drag you down to their level.

But there is one thing that no one can argue with. Quantity. I am not saying you, as a writer, should carry the sheer volume of your work like its Excalibur, but just know the power of a million words. Don’t sell length and overwhelming numbers short. Because in reality, each publication it a resume builder, and today you can publish work for free, which means if you publish 5,000 bodies of work, and you can get at least 2 people to buy each publication you put out into the world, you are making a living. Not a comfortable life, but a fucking living. And isn’t that the dream? To make enough money doing what you love?

The quality will come with the quantity not the other way around. This has been the golden rule of writing for sometime even if people won’t admit it based on semantics. But think about it. How many times do you need to edit a manuscript before it’s perfect? If the answer is more than one than you are already practicing the philosophy that quality will follow quantity. It’s a really simple practice. All it means is if I keep throwing words at the fucking white board, eventually I will get lucky. And then, once you find the formula for that best seller voice that you have hidden under all the bullshit in your lexicon, you will be able to produce best sellers more readily.

Because that’s what quantity does. It’s the manual labor that no one wants to do, so they call it lazy. How backwards is that? Writing ten shitty books is hard! It’s hard fucking work. And there is no glory for it. There is certainly no money. But those are 10 styles that either need to be perfected, or thrown away on your journey to finding your best voice.

This is why I say quantity first. Because it’s the first step on your way to finding your voice. Also, no one can fucking deny quantity. If you write 100 books, it doesn’t matter if someone thinks they’re all shitty, they can’t deny that you wrote 100 books.

Anyway, I need to take a fucking piss. The sun is a little aggressive today. I hope it doesn’t fucking eat me on my lunch break.


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