There is nothing to fucking say. This is my first post. I am currently working on two fucking novels and a collection of short stories because two collections of poetry won’t do shit for you. It doesn’t seem to matter that I am trying to get my voice out there. I am still fucking new to this writing bull shit and already making fucking enemies that I can’t stand who do more shit talking than writing.

Really just trying to roll something up and smoke it so I can get back to fucking work. I don’t need none of this fucking bull shit. Just as long as the paper is on the table I’ll fucking write on it. Time to play ball mother fuckers.

My name is IDK because that’s just how I feel. I feel like I don’t have an identity sometimes. Like I am still trying to figure this life shit out. It can be crazy sometimes. I mean I’m over here trying to discover who I am and figure shit out, and already I have people trying to tell me that the ideas I am playing with are worthless.

I got enemies, got a lot of enemies- thanks rap, I know that already. Fuck.

Anyway, as I fucking said before, I am working on my first two novels and a collection of short stories. The stories are fucking weird but I like them and it’ll be finished before the books. I don’t want it to be much longer than 50 pages cause then I can justify the cheap as fuck price in my head. And people will pay a cheap as fuck price to take a risk on a loud mouthed poet and author like me.

My name is IDK, and you just might fucking like me.


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