Yeah, I fucking said it. Sitting on the toilet waiting for answers. I just knocked out my writing goal for the day. But what can I say, I got a loud fucking mouth and swear like a nightmare so people assume I don’t have discipline. Well guess what. Tell that to my two published poetry collections mother fuckers. I know how to succeed and believe me, I am fucking doing everything in my fucking power to do so. You can’t fucking stop it. You just have to jump on board or hate. Either way I will get more fans than you ever wanted me to dip shits so just fucking relax already.

I am working on one of my two novels at the moment. It is crazy and all over the place. Really fucking scattered just the way I fucking like. Most people are probably going to fucking hate the book, but most people will also probably not fucking understand it. So it will be enjoyed by those who think they can understand what I am trying to do. Enjoyed by those who can really enter the mind of a fucking killer who doesn’t really understand what he is doing or why it is wrong.

The days skip forward because that’s how he lives. If you would rather read that simple commercial shit be my fucking guest, but you’re missing out on greatness, I can fucking promise you that.


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