(Update: my account is no longer disabled)

Well, thank you Facebook. I always felt like I wasn’t a real person. That’s why I write by the name IDK and why I use a cartoon avatar. I have never felt real, and you have just confirmed that by disabling my account. I was promoting my fan page, because believe it or not I have real fans, and I was talking to other authors, but thank you Facebook, for thinking I am not real.

That’s just great. Thanks!

Well, looks like I am back to fucking writing tonight. Whatever. Fuck it.

Back to working on Screwdriver in the Kitchen. Get ready for this fuckwad to go crazy on the page. In a bad mood and my protagonist is a serial killer, so I think some fictional characters are going to have a pretty shitty night after getting to know him.

He has no clue where the fuck he is. Just wandering through open space, barely attached to any setting, just the way I fucking like it. He is barely existing and therefore doesn’t need to fully understand the difference between right and wrong. Still, he might benefit from a fucking name. Maybe I will go back and give him one tonight.

Like I said, this is my weirdest fucking book. But I’m sure you’ll fucking like it none the less if you support brave writing and authors who give a shit about their message and their craft.

Time to get back to work. Wow, this blog is really awesome. Thank you all for reading!


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